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Send money to anyone, anywhere, at any time!

You can Send Money from your Bank account instantly 24/7 to any bank Accounts, Digital Wallets and Meeza Cards using InstaPay Mobile Application

What is InstaPay?

InstaPay is an app that was officially launched by CBE on 22nd of March that allows direct access to all your bank accounts in different banks and instant transfers using your mobile device 24/7 to any bank Accounts, Digital Wallets and Meeza Cards

Who can register on InstaPay?

Any customer with a bank account in the banks providing the service, considering that the mobile number used must be registered at the bank.

How to Register on Instapay?

Customer downloads the app, chooses Arab Bank from the list of available banks, authenticates himself or herself by submitting their Debit card number and card PIN

What are the Service Fees?

For the transfers, 0.5% with minimum 1 EGP and maximum of 10 EGP. “Waived till 30 June 2022”

Is the instant transfers only available through Instapay app?

Instapay is currently the official app that was launched officially by CBE to provide this service; soon instant payments will also be available through our Arabi Mobile Application.

What are the transfers Limits?

For transfers through Instapay, maximum limit per transaction is 50,000 EGP with a daily limit of 60,000 EGP and a monthly limit of 200,000 EGP.

What Happens After Registration?

Once your mobile is verified, you will have to select your bank account, add your account, set your IPA and set your IPN PIN.

What is IPA?

An Instant Payment Address “IPA” is a simplified address for your account per app which you can use to send and receive money on IPN instead of using the full bank account or card details. Think of it as an email Address which you can use to transfer money.

What beneficiary details do I need to send money?

Users can send money by using one of the following details of the beneficiary:

  • IPA (account address created by the user)
  • Mobile Number
  • Account number and bank account
  • Meeza Card Number

How can I receive money through IPN?

 Share your IPA or Mobile number