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Easy-Grow is an online current account with daily tiered interest, managed primarily through “Arabi Mobile”, it is designed to encourage and help you to achieve your saving targets through high competitive tiered interest rates up to 7.5%.

Account Features:

  • Easy Grow is a sub account, therefore a main account must be open first at branch
  • Easy Grow is only available in EGP
  • Easy Grow is for personal accounts only
  • Easy Grow opening is available via Mobile Banking Only
  • You're allowed to perform any financial transactions through Easy- Grow

Interest Rate Tiers

< 50,000 0.00%

50,001-300,000 3.00%

300,001-1,000,000 4.00%

1,000,001-3,000,000 4.50%

3,000,001- 5,000,000 5.00%

5,000,001-7,000,000 5.50%

7,000,001-10,000,000 6.00%

10,000,001- 15,000,000 6.50%

15M+ 7.50%