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Because we see in you the spirit of initiative and creativity and believe in you capabilities, we have designed “Shabab” program with multiple benefits that suit your lifestyle and accompany you towards the future you aspire to, which includes a wide range of banking and non-banking benefits.

To read the flyer click here.

Now… Open a new account online easily and conveniently through "Arabi Mobile" app.

Know more about the account digital onboarding.

The main benefits of “Shabab" Program for the age bracket 16 to 25 years old:

  • Opening the account and participating in the program using the personal National ID
  • Opening a digital saving account "e-Tawfeer" opened through the "Arabi Mobile" application, which gives you a competitive return through reward points through reward points upon the first deposit in the account.
  • Interest-bearing accounts and multiple options of deposits and certificates
  • A special design of debit card without monthly fees and available for online payment
  • Exemption from account opening fees and minimum balance and no subscription charges.
  • A free smart payment bracelet ”BandPay”, allows payment without the need to use the actual card. Just wave the bracelet over the merchant’s POS device (available at merchants that accept contactless payments).
  • Exclusive discounts and offers at a group of stores, health & education centers, games, entertainment, and more.
  • View the details and balance through the "Arabi Mobile" application process your transactions any time and from anywhere
  • The "Instant Saving" feature, allows you to save in your account with each purchase you make using your debit or credit card; a pre-set percentage or a rounded amount of each value will be automatically saved.
  • Free SMS service to stay updated with your account.

The program is subject to terms and conditions.

eTawfeer account is subject to terms and conditions.