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Now we offer you an easy, fast and secure method which will make your everyday banking transactions and purchases via Arab Bank Debit Cards extremely seamless ! Through the new contactless payment bracelets “BandPay” you will be able to make contactless transactions and payments from your account securely and on the go without the need to carry your debit card.

Main benefits:

  • Pay at any point of sale that accepts contactless payments without the need to carry the debit card with transaction limit and daily limit* for safe transacting. Any purchases above the transaction limit will require the customer to enter the PIN code.
  • SMS alerts to keep you in touch with all your cards transactions including the purchases made via contactless payments
  • Can be used for local and International transactions
  • Water Proof design 
  • Variety of colors and sizes that suit both children and adults

You can also benefit from the “Contactless Mobile Sticker “ which allows to conduct transactions and pay securely and on the go with just a wave of the mobile sticker on the point of sale without the need to carry the Bank card.

How to use the Contactless Bracelet/Mobile sticker for purchases at point of sale:

First, look out for the Contactless logo on any point of sale terminal to pay with the contactless Bracelet/Sticker.

Then, you have to do the following:

Step 1: Wave the contactless payment Bracelet/Mobile sticker at the terminal
Step 2: Wait for the tone or the light as an indication that the transaction was completed

This is all you need to make a successful payment!

How to request the Contactless Bracelet/Mobile sticker:

You can request the contactless Bracelet or the Mobile Sticker from any of Arab Bank branches.

Terms and conditions apply.
This service is subject to issuance fees and daily payment limits.

*To view the daily maximum limits allowed for payments and purchases using NFC Contactless technology, click here

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 19100.