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If you have foreign currency and want to benefit from the difference between the interest rates on EGP and the foreign currency, also securing a continuous flow of foreign currency, then the Multiple-Currency Savings Certificate is the optimal choice


  • Best Interest calculated on the equivalent amount in Egyptian Pounds sold according to the bank's Exchange rate
  • Minimum amount required to issue is L.E. 25000 EGP
  • Quarter cashing of interest
  • Offering two types of Multi Currency CD with different yields.
  • Possibility of borrowing up to 90% of certificate face value 
  • Redeemable after the first 6 months according to the redemption schedule

* Calculated based on Central Bank Discount rate minus 1% currently 8% 
* Floating rate according to market situation currently 9%

How to Apply

Required Documents to open an account
  • Valid Identification Document 
  • Valid Residency Document (for expats)
  • Birth Certificate or Identification Document for Minors
  • Utility Bill (Electricity, Water...), incase the customer address is different than the address on the identification document 

For more information, please call our Customer Contact Center on 19100.