Personal Banking

Easy Payment Plan

Repay the value of your purchases conveniently… with Easy Payment Plan!

Enjoy the Easy Payment Plan Program from Arab Bank with 1.5% interest rate and repayment period up to 60 months*.


1) Use any of Arab Bank Credit Cards for purchases starting EGP 1,000
2) Visit any of our branches or call us on 19100 to transfer the transaction amount to the Easy Payment Plan Program. You can use 90% of your credit limit
3) The transaction will be repaid on equally installments

Example on a purchase of EGP 1,000
1,000 + (1,000 x 1.5% x 3) = 1,045 / 3 = 348.333
1,000 + (1,000 x 1.5% x 6) = 1,090 / 6 = 181.667

Terms and conditions:

1) The Easy Payment Plan Program applies only to Arab Bank Credit Cards. The Credit Card must be valid as per Arab Bank’s terms and conditions.
2) This program is exclusively for valid cardholders as per the bank’s terms.
3) A Cardholder who is adhering to the general terms of Arab Bank Credit Cards will be automatically qualified to benefit from the Program.
4) The transaction amount that is subject to be installed shouldn't be less than EGP 1,000

So why wait? Use your Arab Bank Credit Card and save more with the Easy Payment Plan Program.

To apply for a Credit Card or for more information, please call our Customer Contact Center on 19100

All applications are subject to the approval and the terms and conditions of Arab Bank.

*Transactions can be installed on the following periods: 3,6,9,12,18,36 or 60 months