Personal Banking

Platinum Descending Certificate of Deposit

• The certificate is issued in EGP
• Minimum amount required to issue is EGP 10,000 and multiples of 1,000
• Certificate tenure is 3 years
• Descending interest rate: 15.00% annually for the 1st year, 14.00% for the 2nd year and 13.50% for the third year
• Interest frequency: quarterly
• Issued for individuals only
• Redeemable after the first 6 months according to the redemption schedule
• The client can be granted a loan up to 90% of the Certificate’s face value
• Possibility of issuing Arab Bank Visa Credit Card up to 90% of the Certificate’s value
• The option of subscribing to our Direct Banking Services

How to Apply
• Through our Online Application Form
• Visit any of our branches (visit our Branch Locator page here)

For more information, please call our Customer Contact Center on 19100.
Terms & conditions apply