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E.G.A Company

The Egyptian German Automotive Company EGA was founded 1996 as a Joint-Venture between Egyptian entrepreneurs and DaimlerChrysler.

Supported by the Egyptian government, EGA built a high-tech plant in the industrial area of 6th of October City, some 30 km southwest of Cairo.

During the following years EGA managed to achieve sustained growth by extending the model range and sales figures. Starting with the E-class model in 1997 and the C-class followed in 1999. Our market share is improving due to the excellent product quality and competitive price.

Following EGA's philosophy being a benchmark in the field of automotive production in an emerging market, the company was honored by several awards and visits of the president of Egypt and the president of Germany as well as many other high ranking VIP's.

Being a successful example of cooperation between one of the most famous German brands and Egyptian entrepreneurs, EGA will further strive to expand and serve as a "shining star" for the whole region.